Café Crawl

Any excuse for a coffee, right?

I drink my fair share of coffee, and there are some fantastic cafés in, and around, the Inner West of Sydney. So I have decided to try them all for you, and offer a review. I know: the sacrifices I make!

I will be paying for my purchases and not disclosing that I am the author of these reviews.

Without equal standards,  the reviews would be subjective. Therefore, a consistent set of rubrics will be used to measure each café.  This will make sure that it is not overly complicated, that it is fair, and that the reviews won’t be bogged down in too much detail.

These reviews will not be me criticising each café. It’s an opportunity to review, offer comparative opinions against consistent markers, and generate a discussion, via the comments section, to build a broad picture of what café is good and what café could benefit from suggested improvements. In a nutshell, it is a place for you to write a reflective post, a suggested improvement for the owner, from your experience, without an in-store confrontation.

The differences between dine-in and take away will be part of the fun, and which review it is will be made clear at the beginning of each post.

I hope you enjoy my caffeine-fuelled journey throughout the Inner West. Please share your experiences on these pages.

The rubrics are –  There will be a brief description of the café that covers indoor/outdoor seating, mum and bub friendly, smoking/non-smoking, licenced to serve alcohol etc. 

For the coffee:

  • Texture of the milk.
  • Strength of their standard shot(s).
  • Temperature.
  • Price (This will be comparative, not subjective).

For the food:

  • Freshness.
  • Taste.
  • Price (This will be comparative, not subjective).

For the café:

  • Length of wait.
  • Barista & staff Interaction with customers.
  • Ambience.
  • Overall value (This will be comparative, not subjective).

The review of review tea is not part part of this sites intent, as there are far too many blends.

I will moderate Comments and will not approve overly critical or malicious posts. This is not a site for grievances. If you don’t like café, tell the owner why or don’t go there.



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