Bar Valente Café

This is a dine-in review of Bar Valente Café



Today my café review is Bar Valente in Dulwich Hill. Even though it is winter, it was mild enough for a seat outside. Bar Valente has been my favourite café since I moved to the Inner West. However, this is the first time that I have carefully, and objectively considered what I had purchased. One small point: they don’t make fresh muffins. Something I am yet to get over. I must keep pestering them.

Today I had a large, regular mocha (without any extra shots of coffee). The strength of the coffee was, for my palate, a very good blend between coffee and milk. The texture of the milk was creamy and well aerated. Allowing for the fact that it was a mocha, with standard shots, it was not overpowered by the chocolate and quite enjoyable. The coffee arrived quickly and was not too hot, so I was able to enjoy it immediately. Price $4.20, dine in, which for a large mocha is lower than the average of most cafés in the Inner West, and very good value.

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Bar Valente has limited indoor seating and ample outdoor seating. It is mum and bub friendly outside, which is protected from the elements and is heated. It is a non-smoking café, which includes the outdoor seating. EFTPOS is available with a minimum purchase of $10.00. The staff are friendly and offer attentive, relaxed service. Despite another café located next door, Bar Valente is very popular with a steady flow of customers, including many local businesses.

Overall, a very good value for money.

Bar Valente 471 Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill. 02 9568 2249

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