Café Review: Cicco Chocolaterie, Broadway

How do you find the best coffee in a large shopping centre: follow the beautiful people of course…

Today is a dine-in review of Cicco Chocolaterie Café on the third floor of Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney.

Cicco Chocolaterie is in the middle of the atrium just outside the Apple Store.

Continuing with my love of Mocha’s, I ordered the large, and a piece of Hazelnut Slice.
WP 049

I ordered the extra shot, mainly because the coffee does have to compete with the chocolate. Overall, this gave the coffee a well-balanced taste without any one component overpowering the other, and all distinguishable. The milk was not over-heated, well aerated, and creamy. The need for the extra shot is a personal choice, for mocha lovers: this one I recommend.

WP 050

The Hazelnut Slice was rich,  firm, moist, fresh and did not crumble. It cost $6.00, however is well worth if you are a fan…

The store sells a variety of hot food, fresh sandwiches, and other lunch and snack foods, made each day on the premises. They also have a variety of chocolates sold by the weight, like all good chocolatiers’ should.

The barista was very friendly, engaging, and courteous, with an excellent technique. The wait staff are friendly, courteous, and attentive. There are plenty of tables and chairs, armchairs, and a bench with seats surrounding the café, and it is definitely mum and bub friendly. Another bonus is the offer of free WiFi.

The total cost for two coffees and Hazelnut Slices, as well as strawberries drizzled with chocolate and a juice was $34.00. On face value this may seem a little pricey, however the coffee, Hazelnut slices, and strawberries were of a very high quality. Overall, excellent value.

Cicco Chocolaterie Café on the third floor of Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney

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