Envy Café Deli Summer Hill

This is a Take Away review of Envy Deli Cafe, Summer Hill.


Today my review is of Envy Deli Café in Summer Hill. After a walk from Dulwich Hill to Summer Hill in the rain, a coffee was in order.

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I had a regular mocha (I still haven’t broadened my palate). The strength of the coffee, double shot was, for my palate, a little week. Unfortunately, even the double shot was insufficient to overcome the milk, which aided and abetted the dilution of its flavour and strength. The chocolate, however was not overpowering. For a coffee in a trendy suburb, it just wasn’t quite there. The texture of the milk was creamy and well aerated, and it was enjoyable, however that may have been the weather. The temperature was not too hot and I could drink it immediately without scalding my mouth. Price $3.20 for a regular size mocha take away, which is slightly lower than average, but then; so was the coffee.

I also had a ricotta, coconut, and blueberry muffin. The flavours were balanced, but it was either just undercooked or had too many moist ingredients which left it, well – moist. Cost $4.00 which is par for the course in the Inner West.

Envy offered a prompt, friendly service. It was not overly busy when I was there, a couple of dine-in and takeaway customers. The ambience was relaxing without loud music or raucous staff. The café is mum and bub friendly, bot inside and out. There is quite a large courtyard area which looks very inviting. They have EFTPOS facilities available.

A regular (mocha) coffee and a freshly made muffin cost me $7.20. It was reasonable value but even the extra shot left it a little underwhelming. I will try again, though, because there is charming allure to Envy that is almost a bit of a tease.

Envy Deli Café 109 Smith Street, Summer Hill. 02 9797 1668

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