Kelby’s Café Marrickville

 This is a dine-in review of Kelby’s Cafe, Marrickville.






Today I reviewed Kelby’s Café in Marrickville. I sat in the café today mainly because it was cooler outside and the warm atmosphere was a welcome relief.

I had a regular mocha (I must consider broadening my palate). The strength of the coffee, normal shots, was, for my palate, a perfect blend between coffee and milk, and being a mocha was not overpowered by the chocolate. The texture of the milk was a little under creamy and slightly off being well aerated. However, it was still quite enjoyable. The temperature was not too hot. Price $3.50, dine in is slightly lower than the average of most cafés in the Inner West. My wife had English Breakfast tea, loose leaf in a pot.

I had a banana, walnut and cinnamon muffin. These are difficult flavour combinations to balance, but balanced they were with each flavour distinguishable, yet not overpowering. A real case of less is more.


It was fresh with great texture. The price was $4.00 which is very good value and comparable to other cafés in the Inner West. Just a note: not all cafés make their muffins fresh, in-store, therefore this comparison against those that do.


My wife had Raisin Toast.


The portions were thick and large and she was unable to finish them. It was obviously freshly made and a nice, though quirky touch was the sprinkle of cinnamon on the plate with the name of the café written in it.



Kelby’s offered a prompt, friendly table service. We sat down at 10:45 and were given menus and had our coffee order taken immediately, and were then asked or our meal order when we were ready. Though we were in and out by 11:30 we were not rushed.

Kelby’s is a very popular café, and busy at breakfast and lunch. It was not overly busy when we were there, and had an even mix of dine-in and takeaway customers. The volume of the music meant that customers, to be heard were required to raise their voices. This had a flow on effect with staff having to raise their voices whilst taking orders, and between themselves delivering orders.

A regular (mocha) coffee and a freshly made muffin cost me $7.50, Fresh brewed, leaf tea and raisin toast was $7.00.

Kelby’s dining indoors and outside, with outside offered protection by the overhead awning. The café is mum and bub friendly, however it is a little tight inside. They have EFTPOS facilities available.

Overall, a very good coffee and muffin for morning tea, my wife enjoyed her tea and raisin toast, and we agree that for $14.50 it is very good value.

Kelby’s Café 293 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, 2204 (02) 9564 5165

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