Sideways Deli Café

This is a take-away review of Sideways Deli Cafe.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 9.43.48 am         IMG_3589

Take-away coffee! What is it about the cups that make coffee taste different? It is the same at all cafés.

Cups aside, I was able to drink the coffee immediately without burning my mouth, yet the temperature allowed me to walk some distance whilst allowing me to continue to enjoy it. The strength of the coffee, normal shots, was, for my palate, a perfect blend between coffee and milk, and being a mocha was not overpowered by the chocolate. The texture of the milk was creamy and well aerated, and was not too hot. Price $3.50 which is comparable to most cafés in the Inner West.

The muffin was blueberry and ricotta cheese. It was fresh and moist, but not too moist. The flavours were subtle and the blueberries were abundant. Considering the current cost of blueberries, $4.00 is very good value and is comparable to other cafés in the Inner West. Just a note: not all cafés make their muffins fresh, in-store, therefore this comparison against those that do.

Sideways offered a prompt, friendly experience. I bought my coffee and muffin at 11:30 and the Sideways was relatively quiet. I say relatively quiet because Sideways is a very popular café, and busy at breakfast and lunch. It was reasonably quiet with the usual chatter with the need to speak over the top of anybody else. A regular (mocha) coffee and a freshly made muffin cost me $7.50.

Sideways has plenty of seating both inside and out, with outside protected by an overhead awning and umbrellas and is non-smoking. The café is also mum and bub friendly both inside and outside. They offer EFTPOS facilities and offer a wide variety of freshly made food to takeaway.

Overall, a very good coffee and muffin for morning tea and very good value.

Sideways Deli Café 37 Constitution Road, Dulwich Hill. (02) 9560 1425.

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