Wolf & Stone Espresso Bar, Dulwich HIll

This is a Take Away review of Wolf & Stone Espresso Bar, Dulwich Hill.


Wolf & Stone Espresso Bar, Dulwich Hill

Today my review is of Wolf & Stone Espresso Bar, Dulwich Hill. After a transport odyssey that Homer might have quilled, this was a welcome and much-needed interlude.

I ordered a large mocha, the strength of the coffee, double shot was, for my palate, good. However, it really needed the double shot so that it wasn’t overwhelmed by the chocolate, or diluted by the milk. The texture of the milk was creamy and well aerated, and it was enjoyable. The temperature was not too hot and I could drink it immediately without scalding my mouth.

Wolf & Stone Espresso Bar

Wolf & Stone Espresso Bar

This barista knows what he is doing and once the dust settles from their opening, I really think Wolf & Stone will take off. So, please don’t let this dissuade you. Wolf & Stone is a brand new espresso bar and deserves the time to settle in. I think that I may have been a month or so too early.

Price $4.70 for a large mocha take away, which is average for the area.

I also had a chocolate brownie (I’m not sure if it was made on the premises), which at $3.00 is on average for the Inner West.

Wolf & Stone offered a prompt, friendly service. It was not overly busy when I was there, a couple of dine-in customers. The ambience was relaxing without loud music or raucous staff. There is seating at a window bar, but no outdoor dining or tables & chairs inside. I wouldn’t say it is mum and bub friendly as a dine in option, but there is plenty of room for a pram if you are ordering a take away.

A large (mocha) coffee and a chocolate brownie cost me $7.70, which is average for the area, however the extra shot was needed. I will go back again, though, because all cafés need some time to settle in and this one has a certain appeal.

Wolf & Stone – Espresso Bar 244 Wardell Road, Dulwich Hill (just across the road from the train station). 

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